Makena Beach Resort Wedding

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Weddings on Maui are always beautiful, and Jeff and Julianas ceremony lived up to the expectations. When I met the bride and groom earlier in the year, I knew this wedding was going to be special. The couple came to Maui to do a site inspection, and to choose various vendors for their special day. I was so honored they chose me as their Maui wedding photographer at the Makena Beach Resort, and their romantic treehouse adventure in Hana. With the pressure and schedule of the wedding day behind them, it was time for the honeymoon! I drove out to Hana later in the week for the post ceremony photo session which started in the treehouse they had rented for the night. A trip to the beach for a few more shots, and it was time for the drive back home. A big mahalo to my assistant Sue, and the vendors who helped make this such a beautiful event. Gladys from the resort was grace under pressure, Ernest Puaa brought his beautiful song and aloha, and Barbara at Floral Designs Maui provided all of the flowers and stunning tropical orchid bouquet. The hula and fire dance from the folks at Manutea Nui E was mesmerizing as always.

6 Wedding Tips for Wardrobe Malfunctions and Beauty Emergencies

Of all the things you’re worried could go wrong on your wedding day, the problems that do arise will likely be the ones you never thought of. Stay cool as a cucumber with these six tips for smoothly getting out of a wedding day jam.

1. Woke up with a big smile and an unwelcome blemish? Make the swelling go down stat by dipping a Q-tip in Listerine and holding it on the offending blemish for three minutes.

2. If wind’s a problem, have a seamstress attach teeny weights to the hems of the bridesmaids’ dresses to keep them from flying up. The bride can use pretty veil weights for the same purpose.

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3. Panicking over static electricity on your gown right before you walk down the aisle? Grab a wire hanger and run it over any clingy spots.

4. Bust a move on the dance floor without busting anything else by scuffing the bottom of your shoes with sandpaper.

5. Flats may be the last thing you want to wear on your wedding day, but keep a fancy pair nearby just in case. By midway through the reception, your dancing feet will be calling for comfy shoes. If you’re the sporty type, order custom Converse sneakers!

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6. Fighting a nervous stomach? Sip mint tea while you get primped. Mint will soothe your tummy while calming you down.

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6 Wedding Stationery Ideas Every Bride Should Know

Stationery may not be the main priority on your never-ending list of things to do for your wedding day. By putting a little more thought into how to communicate with your guests, though, you can actually make your pre- and post-wedding life quite a bit easier. Consider these six tips when organizing your nuptials.

Maui Wedding Photography

1. Create an e-mail address that’s solely for wedding planning. When you sit down to go through your wedding list every few days, you can check the account to see if anyone’s written you with questions, ideas or (unsolicited) advice. You can also subscribe to wedding newsletters and mailing lists with that address. Once the honeymoon’s over, your main e-mail address won’t be spammed with endless wedding offers.

2. Before sending out your RSVP cards, number them and keep a list of the numbered recipients on your computer. When you get back a card with sloppy handwriting, it won’t matter if you can’t read the guest’s name – you can just refer to your list.

3. Kill two birds with one stone by ordering wedding programs that double as fans. Guests can keep cool during the ceremony since you probably won’t have heavy duty fans blowing while you say your vows.

4. Save your tongue from painful cuts by sealing envelopes with a glue stick or water and a foam brush.

5. Ask guests to write their addresses on blank envelopes. Sending “thank you” notes will be much easier this way! Make things even simpler by using “thank you” postcards instead of traditional cards – no envelopes involved!

6. Instead of a guest book, ask guests to fill out individual advice cards for newlyweds. Prompt them by having different questions on the cards. You can either make these yourself or order them pre-made.

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8 Quick Tips for Planning a Maui Beach Wedding

Outdoor weddings are the way to go in Maui, but there’s a lot that can happen during an al fresco ceremony and reception. Before you pad down the aisle barefoot and get Mauied under the Hawaiian skies, brush up on these tips for an open air wedding.


1. If you’re getting married near a residential area, find out if there’s a noise ordinance. You may want to move your wedding up a few hours to avoid any unexpected guests in police attire.

2. Provide plenty of shade for your guests, especially older ones who can’t be in the sun for too long.

3. Stock the powder rooms with complimentary sunblock – your fair skinned friends will thank you!

4. You can thank Mother Nature for the ocean view, but once the sun sets, you’ll need some other type of lighting. Make sure that there’s a way to get electricity to your venue.


5. Never assume that just because a beach or park is open to the public that means you’re allowed to use it for a wedding. Do your homework before moving ahead with planning!

6. Consider how far parking is from your reception area. If you’re in a remote location, you may have to pay extra for delivery fees and secure valet service for guests.

7. Beach weddings are gorgeous, but if you’re not booking through a venue, you’ll have to add everything into your budget, from the dance floor to the restrooms.

8. Hawaii’s gorgeous and the weather’s to die for, but not everyone can stand the heat. Make sure to have powerful fans on hand so that your guests can cool down.

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5 Post-Ceremony To-Dos Most Brides Forget About

Weddings may not be difficult, but they are hectic, time-consuming and exhausting. When the most important part is over – saying “I do” at the ceremony – it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the reception, right? Not so fast. Things are going to move quickly in the short interim between the ceremony and reception – don’t skip over these must-dos that too many brides forget about.

1. Touch Up Your Makeup

You’ve kissed the lucky groom and probably shed a tear (or twenty) during your vows. Before being introduced as Mr. and Mrs. The One for the first time, touch up your makeup. If you’re pals with your makeup artist, you may want to invite her as a guest – she can help you freshen up throughout the day.

2. Enjoy a Few Minutes of Alone Time

It’s surprising that for a day revolving around the bride and groom, the two of you won’t spend nearly as much time together as you’d like. In the few quiet minutes after the ceremony, when everyone’s made their way to the reception and it’s just you and your guy (and your wedding photographer), snag a few isolated minutes. Bonus: Your groom will be able to gush about how gorgeous you look, something he can’t exactly do in front of eight burly groomsmen.

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3. Step Into Comfy Shoes

Outdoor pictures are gorgeous, but if you’re having a beach wedding, your stilettos will sink into the sand. Swap out your heels for cute flats or sandals. For a truly tropical feel, ask your wedding photographer to snap a few photos of you barefoot. Having the ceremony right on the beautiful Maui beach? Forget about shoes until you head inside for the reception.

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4. Carefully Remove Your Veil

Most brides don’t wear their veil during the first dance or throughout the reception. Instead of trying to tug it off last-minute, ask your Maid of Honor to give you a hand in the bridal suite. Removing the veil can be tricky if it’s securely attached to your hair; take your time removing it so as not to ruin your bridal ‘do.

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5. Wear Your Engagement Ring

Your wedding band is supposed to be closest to your heart, so during the reception you’ll remove your engagement ring. Ask a bridesmaid to hold onto it or put it on your right hand for the time being. Either way, don’t forget to put it back on your left hand after the ceremony.

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Just Got Engaged? Here Are 6 Planning Must-Dos That Can Wait Awhile

Congratulations on your engagement! Now before you have a chance to breathe, make 15 very important decisions… Sound like fun? We don’t think so either. You don’t have to wait four years to walk down the aisle, but you can take a breather and simply enjoy your engagement for a few weeks or months before you dive headfirst into planning. For now, put these six items on your “To Do Later” list.

Maui Wedding and Engagement Photography by Barry Frankel


1. Bridesmaid Selection

Your besties will be among your first calls after he pops the question, but you don’t have to add “…and will you be my bridesmaid?!?!” into that conversation. The first stages of engagement can be a bit drama-filled – if you have a falling out with one of your girls early on, you may not want her standing next to you at the altar a year later.

2. Finding the Dress

Cut out pictures of gowns from bridal magazines until your eyes go blurry, but hold off on actually buying the dress for now. Browse blogs for bridal trends, try on gowns in boutiques and figure out what your true wedding style is first. Aim for getting the gown six to eight months before the wedding.

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3. Seating Chart Stress

Figuring out who should sit together and which frenemies to keep away from each other is a special kind of nightmare – luckily, it’s one that you can put off for a few months. Yes, you’ll need to work out your guest list early on, but specific seating arrangements can wait until everyone’s RSVP’d.

4. Edible Gifts

Just because you fell in love with chocolate wedding favors in the shape of sailboats, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to buy them right now. Anything edible should be bought as close to the wedding date as possible without risking a delivery problem.

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5. Itsy Bitsy Details

The color of your linens, the style of your escort cards, your cake topper – don’t go crazy trying to nail down these details right away. Actually, don’t even bother with them until after you’ve secured your ceremony and reception venues.

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6. Booking Your Honeymoon

For some couples, the honeymoon is even more exciting than the wedding, especially if you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been, like Maui. Some couples don’t even bother planning their honeymoon until after the wedding, though. Leaving a few weeks later means that you can open your gifts, send thank you cards and unwind from wedding planning craziness before trying to relax on the beach.


Post contributed by Lindsay Pietroluongo, a lifestyle & business writer in the Hudson Valley, New York. Visit her website at or learn more about her business and marketing services at

DIY Wedding On Maui

A Maui girl born and raised, Celeste was right at home creating her perfect DIY Hawaiian wedding . All of the bouquets, and floral arrangements were created by the bride using local flowers received from friends and family. Celeste and Matt were engaged at home in Las Vegas, and agreed Maui would be the perfect destination for their intimate wedding celebration and party. A warm and heartfelt ceremony was conducted by Celeste’s father, who opened with the traditional blowing of the conch shell, followed by a lei exchange, and Hawaiian prayer. Friends and family joined the couple at the Lahaina beachside residence for a reception with local music, great food, and an amazing Maui sunset.

Maui Wedding Photographer Island Fresh Photography

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A Maui Wedding On The Water

Destination weddings in Maui are usually set on the beach, but Anna and Kalle wanted to do things a bit differently. After Kalle’s brother was married in Maui and honeymooned on the Big Island, it didn’t take much convincing that a Hawaiian wedding was right for them. “The idea of eloping is so romantic, we decided to do the same,” Anna said. Sailing provided the perfect venue, with more privacy than a traditional beach wedding. Since Kalle had learned to sail while studying at Berkeley, it was the ideal alternative.

I met up with Anna and Kalle in Lahaina, where we began our photo session in the historic Banyan Tree Park before boarding the sleek blue hulled Shadowfax for the wedding. Cobalt-colored heels were Anna’s “something blue” and she carried a beautiful bouquet of light pink roses in two shades. While sailing, the breeze whipped the bride’s hair around, giving her a pretty, natural windblown look. After munching on a simple, healthy spread that included fresh veggies, ripe strawberries and cashews, the couple toasted with champagne at sunset.

Maui Wedding Photography by Barry Frankel 

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Wedding Photographers on Maui with Barry Frankel 

Wedding Coordination by America Salinas / The Maui Wedding Company

Wedding Ceremony aboard Shadowfax

Flowers by Dellables

Officiated by Pia Aluli

A Maui Wedding Celebration

”We chose Hawaii for our Maui wedding because of the weather and the beautiful beaches,” Evelyn said. “Coming from a busy place like Los Angeles, Maui was paradise for us.” The couple chose a destination for their guests to truly relax in at a setting that they’d remember for years to come.
Evelyn and Neil met at a mutual friend’s house during a birthday party, and knew this was something special. Neil anxiously waited for the right moment and then proposed on Christmas Day. Neil studied and practiced the proposal in Spanish, knowing this would make things memorable and special for Evelyn, and of course it did.
The couple planned their Maui wedding ceremony choosing aqua for the color scheme, which was perfect against the natural backdrop of Kaanapali Beach.
A big Mahalo to the following vendors who made this beautiful wedding so special.
Wedding Venue and Catering: Kaanapali Beach Hotel
Florals by: Dellables
Live music: Ernest Puaa “Da Barefoot Warrior”
DJ: KC Sound Maui
Officiant: Laki Kaahumanu

 Maui Wedding Photography by Barry Frankel Island Fresh Photography

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