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Maui Commercial Photography by Barry Frankel

Recently I was contacted by a client for a shoot that included Maui resident and hall of fame NBA coach Don Nelson, who is the national spokesman for FreeHand dog food.   When the client contacted me originally, I wasn’t familiar with them, but a little googling later, and the web revealed the generous nature and good will of the company. FreeHand manufactures a high quality dog food with ingredients that insure your pet is eating a balanced and nutritional diet. FreeHand donates their product to animal shelters across the country each time you purchase a bag of food for your own dog. How cool is that? Anyway, the client is requesting a shoot with Coach Nelson, and the “canine talent” for the shoot. Canine talent? I’m thinking canine chaos! 

Here’s a bit of information about the company taken from their website.

“FreeHand is a different kind of company. We place passion before profit; activism ahead of marketshare.  It is ingrained in our DNA to be a mission-driven company. We are committed to offering the highest quality products to socially conscious consumers, who seek to make a difference – just as we do. Millions of pets each year are euthanized – a dilemma FreeHand believes can be solved.  We devised a business solution to reduce and, ultimately, eradicate this rampant social issue.  While we’re starting with super premium dog food, FreeHand has no intention of stopping there. We intend to apply our unique brand of buy-one, give-one conscious consumerism to products and categories through which we and our customers influence lasting societal change.” 

Coach Nelson arrived for the shoot with his three pets, all of which are rescue dogs themselves. An enclosed photo studio isn’t exactly a typical environment for dogs, but after a bit of sniffing about, the dogs made themselves right at home.

Coach Nelson spent a few minutes in hair and make-up with stylist Chrissy Swink while I got familiar with Don’s dogs. The dogs were incredibly friendly, and well behaved, so when it was time to start shooting, everything went very smoothly. 

Great client, terrific product, and wonderful talent all the way around. Thanks Coach Nelson for being so generous, and donating your time to such a worthy cause.

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